Invest in yourself by building new habits and increasing your self-worth each day.

Develop habits that will make you the person you want to be, and instead of watching Netflix before bed, you make yourself read a book, maybe instead of waking up at 8 am, wake up early and actually live your morning.


Are you ready to invest in yourself?


Similar to an investment account, your worth will be adjusted with each completed or missed day and additionally with each developed habit.

To develop a habit you must complete it for 66 days out of the last 70, and in time, with patience and persistence, you will feel like a million.



$ 1,000,000


Add a motivational picture and write down why you want to develop a habit,

and you'll be reminded in case you "forget".


Track the metrics for each habit to keep yourself motivated and always aiming higher.






To get you started each day, you'll be greeted by an inspirational quote

Earn additional value by performing randomly suggested daily ventures, that are guaranteed to make a difference in your day or that of others.


Share your progress in style or invite a partner to keep track of your progress on selected habits and motivate each other with rewards.

Drag right on your partner's habits to add incentives on specific days.

The incentive will be delivered when your partner reaches that day.

When you have a high self-worth you feel good about yourself and see yourself as deserving the respect of others.

When your self-worth is low you put little value on your opinions and ideas.

Are your ready to invest in yourself?