Remember Everything

with Robby

Remember Passwords

with Robby

Remember everything you signed up for and everything you didn't, by saving the url followed by keywords or password hint. Then search by url to get your hint or by keyword to see the url.


What would you like to remember?

Remember Facts

with Robby

Remember everything you learned and get timely reminders to test your knowledge

What is the hottest place on earth?

Remember When

with Robby

Remember when you did your brakes, changed your water filter, had a date night with your wife, her birthday and exact age (not for sharing!) or time left in you car lease. Rotate the phone to the left and also track how often the event is repeated.


Date night



Brake job



Last water filter change



Lola's Birthday


Antique Shop

Sweet Jacket

Chip Truck

Car parking

40m away

2.1km away

5.1km  away

98km away

Remember Where

with Robby

Remember where you saw that sweet jacket, the antique shop in that village, that chip truck on Hwy 45, or left your car during a sightseeing trip.


with Robby

Remember your wife's favorite Starbucks drink, your kid's shoe  size, living room paint, and your garage door access code, using text, photos or emojis!

Grande, non fat, no foam, no whip, creme brulee latte

What would you like to remember?

Each day we are bombarded with bits of information that we either forget or loose.

Robby will help you retain those bits, as long as you're willing to share them with him.

Whatever your share is just between the two of you, since all your data stays on your phone.


What would you like to remember?


or read "Why I Created Robby" for more insight