A lot of times we find ourselves sleeping longer than the required 5 sleep cycles, just because our alarms are pre-set to a specific daily wake up time. The key idea behind the simple Espresso Alarm app is to schedule the wake up based on when I decide to go to sleep. By doing that I have been able to add almost 1 hour to my day and actually "live my morning".

Launch Espresso alarm app and automatically set your wake up time for 5 sleep cycles + 20 minutes

Can't fall asleep within 20 minutes, press the home button and restart your alarm

If you wake up and use your phone in the middle of the night, just relaunch the app and it will recalculate the sleep cycles you have left and reset the alarm

If you wake up early and want to cancel the alarm, press the home button

Wake up to a sound from a selected video, and to silence it just pick up the phone

Live Your Morning

Stop oversleeping, add hours to your day

and make your morning count with Espresso alarm app