Your Family Currency

Having trouble teaching your kids the value of money?


Bits helps kids understand the value of money at an early age by making them realize that money is earned by services rendered and not donated in the form of allowance. They'll quickly start distinguishing the wants from the needs and the more needs they have the more they'll need Bits.

Use Bits to pay your kids for jobs like washing a car, folding laundry,

raking leafs, vacuuming, etc.

Your kids can use any of your old iPhones and make transactions with no internet or registration required

Kids practice their math skills by paying siblings or parents with Bits denominations for items like video game time, etc.


Teach kids about savings with interest based savings account that they can exchange for real money to buy their favorite toys, comics, etc.

Award Goodies to help your kids realize that good deeds pay off in the long run, and encourage them to plan for the future, as each Goody will increase their future payment by 10%.

There are activities in life that should be treated as building good habits and not be paid for but should carry a cost if not done.

Bits lets you assign those routines, add frequency and cost if missed.

Each time a routine is completed on time, a Goody is awarded, otherwise the cost will be deducted.

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